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Although palladium has been part of the jewellery industry for many years, only recently has it officially become a precious metal, receiving its hallmark in 2010. Since that time the use of palladium in jewellery, including palladium wedding bands and palladium diamond engagement rings has increased dramatically and is predicted to continue to do so. 



Plain Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium Wedding Bands stock a huge range of plain wedding rings in a variety of styles, widths, weights and metals. To learn more about our plain wedding rings please click here.


Palladium Diamond Set Wedding Rings

Diamond set wedding rings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. At Palladium Wedding Bands we offer a large variety of beautiful diamond set wedding bands in shapes and sizes to suit everyone.

Mens Palladium Wedding Rings

Modern, traditional, celtic or diamond set, here at Palladium Wedding Bands we stock hundreds of Mens Wedding Rings to suit all tastes.






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